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I have been providing drum instruction for over 17 years, teaching drum set as well as marching and concert band percussion. My step-grandfather Claude Black was a professional jazz pianist who performed with many legends. Claude encouraged me to pursue music when he realized my interest in drums at a very early age. A few years after at the age of 6, I began taking lessons. With determination and a love for drumming, along with the desire to improve and practice, I was able to start teaching at the age of 16.

I have continued to teach independently until I was hired at Music Manor as a Drum Instructor in 2009, and have continued to teach there ever since. The variety of ages and skill levels has varied greatly, teaching children as young as five-years-old all the way to retired adult seniors. I've taught hundreds of students and given thousands of lessons over the years. Some highly credible percussionists I've studied with include jazz drummer legend Randy Gillespie (Michigan State Jazz Drumming Instructor), and Rob J. Moore (current percussionist for the United States Army Band). There's also been many clinics, camps, and seminars that I've attended over my lifetime, which have all contributed to my knowledge and experience as a drummer. I've been in a variety of bands over the years in various genres, and I've had the opportunity to open for famous acts including Lamb of God, Opeth, Nile, and many others.

Recently I provided a lecture/assembly on rhythm at Waverly Middle School. During the assembly I taught what the essence of rhythm is, and demonstrated various rhythms from around the world via playing them and explaining them. The assembly was considered to be a huge success, and was praised by both students and teachers.

I absolutely love drumming and not just as a hobby, but as a career. It is my priority to help my students improve significantly with their skills, becoming the best they can be while having fun in the process. Teaching and helping students become better drummers/musicians is my passion, and to see them grow and progress is what makes being a teacher so rewarding.

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